A good example of what our Flamesmith Sam Fraraccio can do! Alistair approached us to build a D105 Brick Oven next to his pool, on an existing concrete foundation. Sam built and rendered the oven and the stand, finished the oven with honeycomb granite to the top of the slab, and polished granite for the landing. An elegant build.

"If you’ve ever wanted a steam engine in your back garden, then a wood fired oven is the next best thing. It’s not just the varied cooking options, it’s just great fun to have. Ben and Sam built our oven a few years ago and we’ve loved using it. Important for me was the quality of materials and passion to get it perfect from the Melbourne Fire Brick Co. Ben was happy to fit the stand to my space, his can do attitude was appreciated. He’s regularly been in touch since building it to see how we’re going, thanks Ben."