An authentic Wood Fired Oven makes the perfect centrepiece for any entertaining area. There's nothing quite like the crackle of timber burning, the rich smell of wood smoke and the cheery, twinkling light of a fire to bring people together. Then there's the food; from hand stretched pizzas cooked in 90 seconds to shoulders of meat slow-roasted for 8 hours, and everything between. 

It's little wonder Wood Fired Ovens are so popular. With our PreCast Kits, we've made them simple.




If you're looking for a Wood Fired Oven that's easy to assemble, fits into a small space and heats up quickly then our PreCast Oven Kit is what you've been searching for. Our PreCast Oven Kits have the same front arch as their Brick Oven Kit brothers, which you'll create using our PreCut fire bricks, for an authentic, timeless look. The internal dome is made up of fibre-reinforced refractory sections, cast in CNC machined molds by our dedicated team. At every point we have looked for ways to minimise the effort taken to build this kit, without impacting on quality. We're very proud of the result.

The PreCast Oven Kit is designed for DIY; we've done all of the hard work for you - you get the fun of putting it together. 

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING bigger AND more traditional THEN OUR brick OVENs are FOR YOU.